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Chilean President Outraged for Gender Violence Santiago, Chile, May 16 (Prensa Latina) President Michelle Bachelet expressed indignation today for the brutal aggression suffered by a woman in Coyhaique town, in southern Chile, and said the country is working hard to put an end to gender violence.

“In Chile there is no longer room for cowards that attack the women; therefore, I want to urge you all to take responsibility and act as society, so that cases like this donâ�Öt happen again,” she said.

She was referring to the case of Nabila Rifo, 28, a mother of four 8 to 14 year-old children, who was allegedly beaten by two men Saturday and found later with very serious wounds.

“We are working hard, with concrete steps to put an end to gender violence, which is showing its worst, most brutal face today,” she stated.

Major Carlos Rojas, from the Police Criminal Investigation

Department, reported yesterday that Rifoâ�Ös condition was extremely serious, “with cranial fracture, loss of encephalic mass, her teeth and the worst of all was that her eyes were not in their original position.”

Bachelet said that besides her rejection of this incident that “affects Nabila and her family, we are not going to tolerate such attacks.”

In different marches yesterday, the incident was condemned

unanimously by the people and government authorities.

Police arrested today in Coyhaique a man (Mauricio Ortega)

allegedly involved in this beating along with a friend.

“I again reiterate that neither jealousy, nor alcohol or drugs;there is nothing that can justify such level of violence,” said the Minister of Women Affairs, Claudia Pascual, in great consternation.

She said this is only based on a male chauvinist culture that use and subjugate women, as if they were their property.


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