04.04.2016: Contraste




Si hay algo que no logro entender, es por qué aquellos que tienen plata no son capaces de ceder un poco a los que tienen menos.

En Chile, el sueldo mínimo es de US$365 dólares mensuales.

El 40% de la población recibe un sueldo menor a US$523 dólares mensuales, mientras que el 20% más rico recibe sueldos por sobre los US$3.653 al mes.



Prompt de hoy.


4 comentarios en “04.04.2016: Contraste

  1. “If there is something I can not understand it is why those who have money are not able to give a little to those who have less.

    In Chile , the minimum wage is US $ 365 dollars a month .

    40% of the population receives less than US $ 523 dollars monthly salary, while the richest 20% receive salaries above US $ 3,653 per month .


    I don’t think 40% represents working full-time people, though I agree – enough is not done to help those in need.

    (translated) No creo que el 40 % representa el pueblo trabajador a tiempo completo , aunque estoy de acuerdo – lo suficiente para no se hace para ayudar a los necesitados.

    Me gusta

  2. I am not familiar with your country (I enjoy blogging, largely because my world is opening up as I meet new people online). I don’t know what the comparison of wages between US and Chile would be. People here tend to be very ignorant of wages. Waite staff and hairdresser for example are not paid the same minimum wage rate those working at other jobs are. They are paid less, then taxed on tips the government *assumes* they earn.

    Work is not plentiful here in the US, which is why so many are parttime. It is less expensive for employers to hire part time workers as they can pay less in benefits and such. It does hurt young people trying to move up in the world, and older people who would like to retire and have issues with prejudiced against elder hiring.

    ~ To the right you page offers translations for some languages. Do they offer Spanish to English too? I always google/translate to read. I am enjoying your page.

    Me gusta


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